we make intelligent urban jackets



COXCONCEPT headed by Charles Cox developed this premier mens collection. It comes from a Munich brand and company which show these three jackets, the Loden blaser “Sendling”, the sporty blouson “Westend” and the pea coat “Lehel”. All of them score with stylish materials, elaborated details and high-quality processing. For the jacket we consciously chose the “traditional” material Loden (felted wool). For us as designers , it was an exciting process to bring this a new form. Due to it’s natural properties, it is perfect for our needs. “Loden is made from 100% new virgin wool; it is wind and water repellent, breathable and warming. In order to ensure that the Loden does not restrict the freedom of movement of the wearer, we inserted stretch materials under the arms and in the back lining of the jackets. There is an outside opening to ensure free movement. The blouson “Westend” is, like all other pieces of thid debut collection, named after a district in Munich. It is made from nylon and the most athletic of the three models and thus, it fits well with the former working-class district which has become a trendy part of the city in the meantime. All models have interesting features, such as water-tight zippers, smartphone pockets and ear-phone compartments as well as a leather strap that prevents that the open jacket flutters in the blast wind on a bicycle or scooter.


Coxconcept as the design agency for this up and coming brand which give special attention to sustainability in the end product. Therefore, we chose a close production facility in Italy. This location does not only correspond with our brand expectations, here, we have the chance to coordinate the business personally on site. It would be presumptuous to claim that we produce ecological let alone sustainable clothes, even so our jackets should last ten years or longer with reasonable care, however WMIUC is produced as fairly and as ecologically as possible.

WE MAKE – INTELLIGENT URBAN CLOTHING are the winners of the following awards, the “ISPO BEST NEW BRAND award in 2016”



and the “GERMAN DESIGN AWARDS” where here they were the winners in 2016 of the catagory “EXCELLENT PRODUCT DESIGN – LIFESTYLE AND FASHION”